What does it mean to become Unbound?


Becoming Unbound is a a process.

It means...

Shedding beliefs, limitations and boundaries that no longer serve you,

Transforming your ancestral wounds into wisdom ,

Releasing stuck energy that's caused a "stuck" mindset,

Architecting a life that feels good to you instead of what "should" feel good,

Unbinding the shackles that have kept you trapped,

Sharing your unique gifts that have never been seen in this world, 

Standing fully in your power and becoming your own guide.



Soul Sister, 


There has never been a safer time in history for you to let your light shine.

No more playing it safe, it's time to take risks.

Fall into yourself and let your ancestors catch you.

No more staying small, it's time to take up some serious space in this world. 

Let you mind, body & soul flow into the wild and free woman you were meant to be. 

Open the door and let your light shine through.

Unbound Women is a revolution of connection, energetic alignment and wisdom that will shift you towards a higher frequency.


 It is my desire to help women feel safe in this world that has allowed me to create this sacred space. I  approach healing from a unique holistic perspective, that when activated will guide you to the answers you seek.  I aim to help women ditch the "fix it" culture and find the  wisdom that lays within.  


Imagine a world where an entire global culture remembers the power of our ancestors and that healing begins at the root.


Imagine a world where we understand that no two humans are fully unconnected- we are all bound together by our collective nervous system. 


Imagine a world where we hold space for the wisdom of our wounds to speak freely.


Imagine a world where healing the trauma of our past, our family members, and our lineage is a cultural norm.


Imagine a world in which all women walked hand in hand, nobody behind and nobody in front. We all shine together.


Imagine a world flowing with regulated nervous systems, empowering one another to stand in our light.


Imagine a world where we collectively believed that our bodies are working for us.


Imagine a new paradigm where the voices of mother earth, ancestors, the divine feminine, sacred knowing, body, mind and spiritual world are deeply honored. 


This, is happening in this very moment. And you beloved- are part of it. 

This Revolution belongs to ALL women.


Marie Benoit, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Women's Trauma Coach


Hey beautiful soul sister! I'm honored you're here to share this sacred space. A big, warm welcome to you and to the many wise men and women in your lineage who brought you here. 

My name is Marie Benoit. I guide women through somatic practices to reclaim their connection to themselves, awaken their magical gifts and feel safe to take up space on this beautiful planet. 

When I was nine years old my world came crashing down on me when my father was diagnosed with cancer and my family uprooted to a new community. This is the very moment in time where my safety and security was ripped away. Within a year of living in this new space, my entire nervous system shifted from patterns of connections to straight protect mode. This was further cemented in when my father, the light of my life passed away. 

For the next two decades people attached labels to me such as “shy,” “depressed,” “anxious,” “ADHD,” and “stupid.” I was completely shut down at times and hypervigilant at times. My survival strategy for the first ten years was to pretend ‘everything is fine,’ even when every part of my body was screaming at me through constant nausea, vomiting and tense muscles that I was anything but "fine." 

When my father passed away my family grieved separately instead of together. My extended family continued to put on the ‘everything is fine show.’ More elephants were just piled under the rug. I remember always feeling so different compared to the rest of my family members- like the black sheep. I felt alone and further more isolated. I didn’t like the way things were being done, but I had no conception on how they could be different.  I didn't realize then that I was part of a cycle, that was meant to be broken.

I mark the true beginning of my healing journey the year I became estranged from my mother.  This was a deeply painful decision, but ultimately necessary for her and I to separately work on ourselves. I went against the grain and tried all the holistic healing paths that I had never tried before. I began to recognize patterns and understand myself and my family better. I no longer felt the weight of the belief that told me, ‘I am broken and in need of fixing.’ Instead, I felt more curious and hopeful than ever before. 

But it wasn’t until I found out until I found out I was pregnant with my now 2-year-old daughter and then nearly almost lost my life when she was born, that I found ways to heal the ROOT of my suffering. It was the happiest and darkest days of my life recovering from major surgery, experiencing PTSD symptoms and taking care of a newborn child. And I wouldn’t change that time for anything. It made me into the woman I am today. I used to be afraid of becoming a mother because of my own experiences as a child and now felt completely fearless. 

Presently I wake up every day feeling immense gratitude for the life I architected. I feel complete freedom and acknowledge joy in each day. I now know my purpose in life is to help women end patterns of dysregulation in their own families so they can immerse themselves in the same love I experience on a daily basis. I now understand that I always felt different in my family because I am different. I was born into my lineage to be the Cycle Breaker.


Danya Fredette, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach

Hello sweet women! I am so happy you are here. My name is Danya and I am an integrative and functional medicine practitioner!

My path to Unbound Women began when I was just a little girl. My dad is Chinese and my mom is American… so I grew up with exposure to many different ways of healing. As a young girl, I already knew that I wanted to become a healer that combined Eastern and Western medicine. But even more than that, I have many lineages and histories in my family and I have always felt that I was born to heal not only myself but also my family. 

As I grew up, my interests pulled me on a journey through Biological Anthropology (we have to understand our roots!) to Naturopathic medical school (which wasn’t quite for me but I gained a lot of knowledge) to nursing school and eventually to health coaching. Each step was absolutely necessary for me to be where I am now - joining my amazing friends in this venture to bring you complete confidence in your body and how you show up for yourself and others. 

Growing up, I had a great life. I was well taken care of and I have an amazing family. But there were patterns in communication (and miscommunication) and ways of treating loved ones that I vowed not to repeat. It wasn’t until I grew into my own adult relationships that I realized I had begun to replay some of the these patterns. I was angry and ashamed. I knew I could do better. And that set me on a lifelong quest to shift how the we treat one another in the world. 

When you change your relationships, your entire world shifts. And even more magical, you watch your family learn from your growth. 

While my main role is to focus on healing the body, the body is just the beginning for me. It’s the gateway to feeling your absolute best so that you can choose how you show up - Every. Single. Day. 

I’ve supported hundreds of clients through their health journey, one that we hope you will embark on too! My approach leans on the basic understanding that if we remove the roadblocks to healing, the body is unstoppable.  

I’m so excited to now be able to take all of my education and experiences and bring them to you in our Cycle Breaker’s Program! It’s time to shift the paradigm and we want you to join us. 

Krysta Kinslow, Intuitive Connection and Relationship Coach 


Hello loves! My name is Krysta and I'm the Intuitive Connection and Relationship coach for Unbound Women.

I was introduced to trauma in my personal relationships early on in life. I learned to intuitively pick up on what others needed or wanted because if I made a mistake or approached somebody in my family at the wrong time, my emotional well-being would take a hit. I lived in a constant state of feeling unsafe in my relationships and I masked my personality and needs, becoming the ultimate people-pleaser in life. I became a small version of myself that continued to settle for a life that seemed good enough and didn’t require me to stretch out of my comfort zone too much.

These patterns continued to follow me in most of my relationships growing up - in my family, friendships, and romantic partnerships. I was riddled with anxiety around my every move and I had no idea why everything felt so difficult or why I kept attracting partners and friends that didn’t quite see me for who I was. I didn’t understand the importance of boundary setting and taking care of myself before I took care of others, so feeling drained around others was a normal occurrence.

My journey into discovering more of myself over the last few years (and uncovering these deep ancestral wounds) has led me to piece together my patterns, survival mechanisms, and triggers... and who I am outside of those. My soul felt awakened when I realized my journey wasn't about who others were being TO ME, but about my relationship with myself. My outside world was mirroring my inside world and I felt relief when I discovered my life wasn’t being controlled by others, but by my own limiting beliefs- which was something I had complete power over to heal.

The funny thing is... all of the wounds I experienced and the "people-pleasing" I practiced my entire life weren’t things I regretted. They led me to develop a deep intuition and empathy for where other people are in their journeys and I became the version of myself that I am today- a strong coach with an ability to guide others through their spiritual journeys to find their own strength and joy in life.

I see the perfection in our struggles and triumphs. I see catalysts as gifts waiting to be unwrapped. And I see the "darker" parts of ourselves (we'll call this the shadow - anger, guilt, shame, jealousy, unworthiness, etc.) as what makes our lighter parts whole. When we can observe both the shadow and the light as they are, with curiosity and compassion instead of judgement, we can stand more fully in our complete power.

While I enjoy coaching diverse topics, my passion is relationships - reconnection to oneself, as well as connecting deeper with others. I strongly believe all of our relationships (to self and others) directly reflect back how we are showing up in the universe and can be an incredible medium for growth and healing. I have a conscious approach to healing triggers and moving forward from past wounds, usually by way of reflection, awareness, and shadow work. The process is highly transformational and can bring others to know themselves more deeply and intimately.

Being able to facilitate this journey for others as a part of Unbound Women is such an honor that I cherish with my entire being, and I wouldn't trade my traumas and wounds for any other kind of life.

Many patterns don't belong to us, they are merely borrowed from family members. Why? A story that needs to be told can finally be brought to light.


What a journey it has been to be here in this space. One full of heartache & earth shattering moments but also serendipitous events, joyful abundance and divine intervention. For where there is darkness, there is always light.

Our story begins with a new life. When Marie found out she was pregnant with her first child, she knew she had to step up her wellness game and hired Danya as her health coach. Marie struggled with daily anxiety and gastrointestinal issues that she knew she would pass down to her daughter if she didn't seek guidance. Danya helped Marie heal her gut and settle into daily practices that helped her  restore balance and tranquility to her life. Marie felt very safe with Danya and they bonded over their desires to change the world by building something that they could call their own -- a legacy. 

Time passed by and Marie's daughter was brought into the world. Marie experienced a traumatic birth process, nearly losing her life. Steadily recovering from her physical and emotional wounds, she and her partner decided to follow their nomadic friends Danya and her partner to Mexico. Something felt in alignment about being in this space, that shortly after their trip, Marie and her partner decided to go back a month later. Listening to her internal guidance system led Marie to meet the beautiful spirit that is Krysta. Krysta also decided that Mexico was the place her soul needed to be in that very moment.

When the three of us spent time together it felt like pure magic. We look back at this experience and reflect on how it felt like we'd known one another for several lifetimes. Our deep flowing conversations illuminated this thread between us of wanting to share our gifts with the world. This is the space where Marie, Danya and Krysta unleashed their desires to make some serious waves in this world. Feeling an energetic call, Marie, Danya & Krysta anchored into their gifts and united to form the revolution that is Unbound Women.

A message for you...


Become A Cycle Breaker