Why are there two co-coaches in the Cycle Breaker Program?


Healing is multidimensional. To heal at the root, which is the purpose of this container, you must dive into every aspect of your being. I have been a therapist and trauma coach for the past 8+ years and am an expert in the mind-body connection. But I get many daily questions from the community, such as, “when I feel really down, I crave sugar and oftentimes go for it. Why do I do this?” While I can give a partial answer to this because the vagal nerve, an essential part of healing your nervous system, is at play here, I also don’t know the full scoop. That’s why our Functional Health Coach, Danya, will answer all of your body-related questions from the gut microbiome, epigenetics, hormones and much more. We also have another coach who is an essential part of your healing process. She is the lovely Krysta, a spiritual relationship coach and an ascension and shadow work guide. Krysta is here to guide you from 3D relationships to 5D. These relationships are a portal into your soul's evolution and the most valuable resource for creating alignment in every aspect of your life. 


What if I don’t have the financial resources? 


If you don’t have the resources, I feel that. It’s undeniably hard when you want something so badly that will positively impact your life but feel like it’s out of your reach. If this is you, I’ve got something for you. You might be eligible for a coaching loan. 


Often I find with women that it is not really about the financial costs. Here are some possible blockages to get curious about. 


  1. Investing in yourself can feel very uncomfortable. Why? As women, we have been taught to give to everyone but ourselves. This has been reinforced by chronic trauma and the society we engage in. 
  2. Fear. Many women I talk to say they are ready to do this transformational work, and then when it comes to the last step of pulling the trigger — they back out. This is very normal. It’s the moment your nervous system contracts and tells you all the “why not” reasons. Examples of “why not” include: I’m not going to get the results I’m looking forIt’s too good to be true…I’m too much of a mess for anything to change in 3 months… It’s your brain’s job to think of the worst-case scenario to keep you safe. The problem with this is that you are operating on an outdated system that is keeping you stuck. Most of the time, the worst-case scenario isn’t the truth, and it’s FAR from it. Don’t give into these moments. Reach beyond your fear into the unknown. 


Can you tell me about the coaching loan?


If you are struggling financially to pay in full for the program of your dreams, then I encourage you to look into this loan. It’s for people who can’t carry the burden of paying upfront. This loan will allow you to pay a small amount for an extended period of time. It’s an option many clients have used to make this program a possibility now instead of a year from now. Simply input your information and it will run a credit check to assess if you are eligible. Once eligible, you will be notified and the funds for the program will be quickly deposited into your account. 


Can you really heal at the root in just 3 months? 


YES. You live in an organism that was specifically designed to heal itself. As a society, we often focus on how uncomfortable healing is and how it can feel like it’s dragging on. And through this lens, we forget the magic that can come through! When you find a process that aligns with your body, mind and soul, the process of healing can go so quickly! When women come to me with an open heart and an eagerness to learn I know right away that they will get the results they are looking for. What you put into this program you will reap ten fold. 

What if I don’t have the time? 


To this I say — time is the only resource we do not get back while on this earth. Do you want to continue slogging every day through quicksand, feeling like you are just spinning your wheels? I’ve lived that life, and I know it’s not a fun one. 


In the Cycle Breaker Program, you’ll be getting to 6 sessions with me, and 12 group coaching sessions split between Danya and Krysta. You might spend the other time engaging with the phenomenal course videos or sporadic Voxer coaching when you’ve just noticed something new about yourself or are looking for guidance. When you really think about it, spread over a 3 month period of time, this really isn’t such a huge commitment. This is your life — spending some time on getting to know yourself and healing at the root will allow for the solitude of peace and the upbeat of joy to filter into your daily life. I’d say it’s worth the time, wouldn’t you? 


Also, if you feel like you don’t have the time to watch all the online content then fear now! You will be granted LIFETIME access. And because I am an avid learner, I’m constantly upgrading content. That means continuous new information for you! 

How is the Cycle Breaker Program different from going to therapy?


I’ve worked in the mental health field for 8 plus years, and I will tell you — this work is therapy on steroids. One thing that always irked me about the mental health system was that it was segregated from physical health. Research tells us that trauma changes our physiology, yet we keep these two systems separated. And this makes us feel like our mind and body are separated, causing more detriment to our overall health. When in reality — our mind, body and even our spirit flow from the same source. It’s all interconnected and must be treated as such. I aim to bring the knowledge that you seek from all different aspects of healing so that you can feel empowered to heal at the source. I only work with women who are 100% committed to healing their ancestral trauma so that they can live whatever life feels best to them. When you need me, I will be in your back pocket as your guide. What therapist do you know does that? 


How do I know if this work is for me? 


  • You’re a woman who has felt stuck for a period of time and everything you’ve tried in the healing world hasn’t created the transformation you’ve been looking for. 
  • You feel like you’ve been missing an integral piece on this healing journey. 
  • You’re ready to embrace the discomfort of healing. 
  • You aren’t just looking for someone to listen to you or understand you. You are READY to understand yourself. 
  • You’ve given this some thought, and your intuition keeps pulling you back here.
  • You’re ready to step into your light and really see what you are made of. To behold the unique gifts you have for this world. 
  • You’ve been watching from the sidelines for some time now and continually feel called to work with me. Things I’ve spoken about or taught have improved your life, and you are ready to heal at the next level.