All Parts Are Welcome Here Live Masterclass

Transform your wounds into wisdom.

After this masterclass I will:

  • Understand about how I cope with pain.
  • Own the key to this healing journey I've been missing 
  • Be able to identify the 3 stuck states of my nervous system 
  • Leave with tools on how to unleash my inner power
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Does it feel like your inner healing light is fading? 

As women we are the healers of the world. We  give so much to others we forget about ourselves.

That's where I come in...

It's time to build muscle in putting your own needs first.

Sound familiar? 

-> All you want to do is be able to alleviate the suffering for those you love 

-> You've provided all the strategies to your loved ones on how to heal and yet you get nothing 

-> You have amazing boundary skills in your professional life but it all goes away when it comes to family

-> You feel depleted and can't help but notice you are settling for a "good enough" life

Introducing: All Parts Are Welcome Here Masterclass

A live Masterclass hosted by LCSW & Trauma Coach Marie Benoit. This masterclass will help you to illuminate all parts of you that trauma has suppressed so that you can meet your own needs and architect a life that ditches survival energy and embraces the thrive from within. 

I want you to imagine...

-> You feel a sense of peace and glimmers of hope when you think about your family, your children and your lineage

-> Loved ones becoming so curious on how you've cultivated this dream life of yours

-> You feel a deep sense of confidence in yourself, empowering you to step into your light 

-> You live a life built from the foundation of alignment - you are now thriving 

I want in!


So when is this live Masterclass?


When: May 5th, 2022

Time: 3:00- 4:00 PM PST

Location: Zoom

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