Be the Change Your Lineage has Been Waiting for. 

Serenity Studio



To heal yourself, you must first illuminate the wounds that lay within. 


For when you shine a light, you begin to welcome all parts of you into existence. 


Beckoning the outdated ancestral patterns to unleash. 


Calling you home to anchor into a a new way of being. 


Unbound Women is here to help you develop a mental, physical and spiritual connection to your internal guidance system to reclaim your highest loving self.

Welcome to this sacred space.


You are ready to turn your wounds into wisdom. 


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In this guide I will learn:

  • What is co-regulation, why is it so essential and where it begins
  • How patterns of dysregulation are passed down
  • Accessing and strengthening a VITAL part of our body- the vagus nerve!

Let your system know- "All Parts Are Welcome Here."

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